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Angel of the Day


Archangels Reading

      A complete reading about your life covering a period of a year, between two birthdays. Find out what is out there for you: opportunities, dangers and how to avoid them, how to improve yourself and your relations.

Archangels Reading contains:

      Prevision for a year (between two birthdays)
      Important events of the year
      Message from your Guardian Angel

Reading length: approx 20 pages.

Price: $19.90

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Angel Card

      A divine message form the Angel of the moment. Please wait 5 minutes before asking the next question. Every Angel rules approximately 5 minutes of the day (after 6 hours they repeat). Don’t abuse the Angel Oracle.

How to do it

  1. Clear your mind.
  2. Think about your question.
  3. Click on the picture.

The answer will be revealed for you.

Your Angels

Your Angels

Contains: the Incarnation Angel (with description), the Heart Angel and the Intellect Angel.

Price: $9.95

Love Reading

Love Reading

Contains: your current situation regarding your love life, marriage, hidden things, attitude and future.

Price: $9.95

Career Reading

Job Career Reading

Contains: your current situation, business partnership, your career, attitude and future.

Price: $9.95



Bible scripture according to this name: Psalm 35:24
“Judge me, O Lord my God, according to thy righteousness; and let them not rejoice over me.”
Latin name: Deus Invocandus
Meaning: The invocable God
Choir of angels (jewish): Aralim
Archangel (jewish): Zaphkiel
Choir of angels (christian): Thrones

This angel helps against adversity, helps to know the truth in the process, the triumph of the innocent who are confused by evil (negative energies and spirits).

Influence: Those born under the influence of this angel are intelligent, charismatic and have strong personal magnetism. They have extraordinary intuition when the subject refers to uncovering the truth, just one look to identify the true intention.

They do not like things to be vague or abstract, always wanting to understand everything in every detail. They have great wit, enormous patience and perseverance, ability to analyze any situation calmly and objectively.

They are incorruptible, love justice, truth and integrity, looking with love upon every little manifestation in everyday life. Their logic is unassailable. They are great light workers who can perform miracles, because their faith is unshakable.

Professionally: They can succeed as lawyers, journalists, writers and activities relating to the judiciary.

Contrary Angel: Masters intrigue, black magic, perversity and a taste for scandal.  A person under the influence of this angel will have a tendency to lie, an author of anonymous letters and writings of slanderous or libellous comments.  Justice will be a pretext for expressions of anger or revenge. May engage in scandalous cases just to meet dignitaries.

Qualities (positive vibrations, gifts that can be received after invocation)

Absolute Truth; Eliminates all doubt, proves innocent; Divine Justice, karmic vision; Court of jurisdiction for our conscience; Discerns what is right; Understanding of the interaction between good and evil; Respects Divine Laws; Perfect judgment, honesty; Judge, lawyer, notary, magistrate; Integrity, love of justice; Discovers Truth from Up Above, rediscovers the source of elevation; Capacity to see through intentions.

Distortions (low vibrations that came after abusing the qualities)

Condemnation; Uses justice for the sole purpose of material gain; Seeks to win, rivals others; False witness, false evidence, flattery; Unfair trial, adversity; Scandal, baseness, corruption, dishonesty, falseness; Confused, entangled situation; Moves away from the Truth, dark period.

Situations and Common Problems

Accusations; Frankness; Honesty; Judgment; Jurors, juries; Justice; Laws, Respect of; Litigation; Truth.

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